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The following are the General Rules and Regulations for the Winton A & P Show
1. All Exhibits to be bona fide property of the Exhibitor at the time of entry. The age of animals exhibited must be stated when entering them for the show.
2. All bulls for exhibition to be led by a ring or halter. All Cattle, except Prime Stock, to be shown in the ring.
3. No diseased animal, or animals, from a flock or herd known to be infested with disease, will be allowed to be shown. On this point, a declaration may be required by the Secretary from the Exhibitor.
4. The decision of the Judges will be final.
5. Ages of animals to be reckoned from 1 June (except where specially stated.)
6. Entries close with the Secretary on 19 December 2012. If late entries are accepted, they will be charged at double price.
7. Admission will be granted on a class ticket.
8. The Judges will commence their inspection at allotted time. They will decide without inquiry as to the names of the parties or places, and will refer merely to quality of animals exhibited. Judges are directed not to give undue weight to high condition (except condition classes of Prime Stock) but to award the prizes to animals in each class which they consider best represent the particular breed or description intended to be encouraged. The Judges are directed to pass over all whose want of condition betokens weakness of constitution, however great their merits may be in other respects. Any Cow or Ewe which, in the opinion of the Judge, is barren shall be eligible to take a prize only in the Prime Stock classes.
9. Where there is no competition in any class, no prizes are to be awarded unless the Judge certifies to special merit.
10. Stock for Exhibition to be in the yards before 8:00am on the morning of the show. No removal of Exhibits will be allowed before 4:00pm without the sanction of the Committee.
11. The prize money MUST be claimed within 30 days after the Show, or else it will be forfeited and become the property of the Society.
12. Class sponsorship monies and product are subject to confirmation and will be paid in lieu of Association prize money. The Association takes no responsibility for sponsorships which do not eventuate.
13. Exhibitors to give any information relative to their Exhibits that the Secretary may require. In all disputes the decision of the Committee must be final. Protest may be lodged with the Secretary within half an hour of the awards on the day of the Show, to be accompanied by a deposit of $20, to be forfeited to the Society should the protest be considered frivolous or vexation.
14. All cattle to be paraded in the Grand Parade which will be led by the Alliance Group Challenge Trophy winner then in catalogue order.
15. Admission to Show Ground:
Adults: $10.00
Under 15 years, accompanied: Free
Under 15 years, unaccompanied: $2.00
Car Parking: Free
16. The Committee reserves the right to allot Specials in lieu of Prize Money mentioned in the Schedule. The Committee expect a few Special Prizes which they will allot as they may think advisable.
The Association has received a number of Trophies which accordingly will be allotted in the Catalogue.
17. No Steward shall act in any class in which they are an Exhibitor.
18. Where classes are sponsored with naming rights and Sponsorship total more than the normal A&P Prize money, then only the Sponsorship money will be paid out.
19. No animal or its attendant shall have any initial, crest or mark of ownership on its rug, harness, pail or any other fitting. This rule shall not apply to Trades classes. Prize Cards which have been awarded by the Judges must only be displayed after final judging, in such classes as the Exhibit may be entered for and then remain affixed to Exhibit during the Show, and no ribbon, prize, colours or tickets will be permitted on any Exhibit unless awarded during that section of the Show. Any infraction of the rule may incur disqualification and bar any further competition in that section of the Show. The Committee will be pleased to see Implements and Cars exhibited. Awards will be made where there may be sufficient competition. Due to possible restrictions on grounds space, the Committee reserves the right of admission to any or all vehicles, the Committee will make known by advertisement prior to Show Day what parking space is available in or adjacent to the Show Ground.
20. All refunds will be a maximum of 80% and any refund requests without a doctors certificate or veterinary certificate will be at the discretion of the directors.
21. Protests - see rule 12 - Rules and Regulations
All protests must be in writing, and may be entered before or after the Judges have proceeded to their duties.
22. If the protest is lodged before the Judges proceed to their duties, the onus of proof will rest with the Exhibitor, or after the onus of proof will be with the party protesting.
23. Special Rules Regarding Side Shows - It is now provided that all applicants for Side Show space shall be licensed.
24. Right of Committee: The Committee, or its Supervisor, reserves the right to refuse any Side Show or Selling Stand permission to enter the Show Grounds without giving any reason therefore.
25. Each applicant for space for Side Show purposes shall pay down the amount of the rent before the ground is allotted. When the ballot, if any, has been taken and space allotted the space shall be occupied by the applicant and he shall not shift on to any other space or leave his space to canvas for business in any part of the ground or suffer or permit any employee or partner or other person to do so on his behalf.
26. No ground or space shall be allotted to any applicant except for a bonafide Side Show or Stall. “Side Show” - shall mean any space which is enclosed from the public by any marquee, tent, canvas screen or other device, and to which a charge for admission is made to the public. The Committee reserves to itself or its representatives the right to refuse space to the proprietor or manage of any Side Show when the performance therein is considered undesirable or offensive to forfeit the rent paid, and order the Side Show to be closed if the foregoing provision is not complied with. “Stall” - shall mean any open stand on which goods are displayed for sale or games played for any prize other than money. Games played for money prizes are strictly prohibited and any stall holder found offending against this regulation shall be ejected from the Show grounds.
27. Rent of Spaces: Ground fees are to be paid in full before ballot for space.
28. Allotment of Space for Side Shows: In such portion of the grounds set aside by the Committee of the Association for Side Shows space may be allotted by ballot or in such a manner as the Society shall arrange. No proprietor will be allowed to participate until all ground fees be paid.
29. Sub Letting of Space: No sub letting of any space will be allowed under any circumstances.
30. Performing Animals: All dogs and performing animals must be kept tied up or in cages within the camping area. Horses, Mules, Donkeys or Cattle will not be allowed in the ring prior to the opening of the Show. No freak or malformed living animals will be permitted on the Show Ground.
31. No person is permitted in any Judging Ring without the express permission from the Head Steward of that ring. Only persons directly responsible for an Exhibit are permitted in the Marshalling Area.
32. Each Exhibitor must supervise and control their animals at all times and shall be liable for any hazards created or accident, illness or damage caused by the action of themselves or their animals at the showgrounds. Exhibitors must comply with the appropriate Animal Legislation and the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992.

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